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Plumbing problems happen in every home, no matter where you live. Issues can be something minor, like a leaky faucet or clogged toilet, or they can be more extensive, like a broken pipe or backed up sewer system that can cause a lot of property damage. Poor plumbing can be a nuisance, but it can also cause health issues, depending on the problem.

No matter what the issue, plumbing is one area where you’ll want to hire a professional to fix your problem. It can be pretty complicated and takes someone with skill and experience to know the best solution and make the proper repairs.

Finding the right plumber is essential whether you’re looking for regular maintenance or have a plumbing emergency. Especially since the types of plumbing problems you’ll face can vary based on where you live. Oklahoma City and Tulsa both have a lot of older homes, so bathroom and kitchen renovations are common. Pipe repairs and sewage line backups are also pretty standard for those areas.

It’s essential to find someone who’s familiar with the most common plumbing issues in your area, so they’ll be able to take care of your home. Before you start your search, there are a few things you should know.

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Most Common Plumbing Issues in Oklahoma
Leaky Plumbing
Low Water Pressure
Backed Up Pipes
Sump Pump Issues
Frozen Pipes
Faulty Water Heater
Water Lines Split
Average Cost of Plumbers in Oklahoma
How to Find the Best Plumber in Oklahoma
FAQs about Plumbers in Oklahoma
1 Is a license required for plumbers in Oklahoma?
2 What is considered a plumbing emergency?
3 Can I fix my own plumbing problems in Oklahoma?
4 What questions should I ask a plumber before I hire them?

Most Common Plumbing Issues in Oklahoma

Common plumbing issues that every homeowner may experience at one point or another are dripping faucets, slow draining sinks, clogged bath or shower drains, clogged toilets, running toilets, and jammed garbage disposals.

Oklahoma has its own set of plumbing issues, on top of the regular issues that you’d find anywhere in the country. With old construction, new construction or renovations, heavy rainfall, and freezing winters, residents may require more specialized plumbing solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues that are a little more unique to the state.

Leaky Plumbing

Leaky pipes are often an issue in the springtime in Oklahoma. In the cold winter weather, pipes contract or freeze, which can cause small cracks. When the weather starts to warm up, the pipes expand, and so do those cracks. Outdoor and older pipes are more susceptible to this issue. You may not necessarily notice a problem right away, so be on the lookout for dripping water, musty odor, standing water, or an increase in your water bill. These may indicate that you have a leak.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another issue you may find in the springtime. This usually stems from leaky pipes, so it’s directly linked to the first issue we’ve already discussed. However, spring rainstorms can exacerbate the problem. Heavy rainfall makes the soil on top of your underground pipes heavy, which can put enough pressure or stress on them to cause leaks. If you’ve noticed that your water doesn’t seem to have as much pressure as usual, you may want to have your pipes inspected.

Backed Up Pipes

Backed-up pipes are also usually caused by rainstorms. The heavy, rain-soaked soil also puts pressure on sewer pipes coming out of your home, which can cause toilets and sinks to back up. You could also have sewer water flooding your yard. You could also get a backed-up pipe from plant growth. The warm spring weather causes trees and other plants to grow, and it’s possible for the roots to grow through the small cracks in old pipes, causing a blockage. When this problem arises, it’s pretty apparent, and it’s crucial that you call a plumber right away.

Sump Pump Issues

Many homes in Oklahoma have a sump pump. During the winter, when most of the state is frozen, basement sump pumps don’t run. However, when the weather changes and spring storms come along, you’ll want to make sure your sump pump is in working order. Regular maintenance and checkups will ensure that yours is always up to the job.

Frozen Pipes

During Oklahoma winters, if your pipes aren’t properly insulated, they could freeze and burst. You may want to consult with a plumber to see what you can do to prevent this before wintertime, as a burst pipe can cause a lot of property damage in a short time.

Faulty Water Heater

During the cold winter, your water heater will be working extra hard to produce your hot water. When it’s freezing outside, this can cause a lot of stress on your water heater. This stress could cause your water heater to break or malfunction, especially if it’s older. While it may not be considered an emergency, going without hot water for a few days definitely isn’t a whole lot of fun.

Water Lines Split

Just like how leaky pipes are caused, your water lines expand and contract with the weather, which could cause leaks. For water lines, this happens more often in the winter, when the temperature changes can be bigger and faster, putting a lot of stress on the lines and causing leaks. This is another sneaky issue that may go unnoticed until you see your mysteriously high water bill for the month.

Average Cost of Plumbers in Oklahoma

It’s basically impossible to come up with an average price for plumbing work since the list of plumbing issues is extensive and it really varies based on the problem. Some plumbers charge by the hour, plus parts. Others just charge a flat rate.

However, in Oklahoma, you can expect to pay on average between $175-$400 for plumbing repair. Obviously, this could change depending on the parts needed, the overall time the repair takes, and other variables. Bigger cities like OKC and Tulsa will likely be a little more expensive than some of the smaller, rural towns like Perry, Pryor Creek, and Broken Bow.

How to Find the Best Plumber in Oklahoma

The first thing you need to do is write down the details of the problem you’re having. One of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a plumber is that they don’t give the plumber all the details. This can lead to repeat visits, higher costs, and lengthier repair times because the plumber didn’t have enough information to be fully prepared for the job.

We always recommend that you get a few quotes from different plumbers in the area to find an affordable price if you have the time. Keep in mind, though, that more experienced plumbers will likely charge more, which may be worth the extra cost depending on the issue you’re having. It may be wise to ask if the plumber offers warranties or guarantees their work.

Here at Home Service Stars, our purpose and goal is to match you with the best plumber for the job. We’ll connect you with one of our 5 star home service pros to get you the best service at an affordable price.

FAQs about Plumbers in Oklahoma

1. Is a license required for plumbers in Oklahoma?

Yes. Plumbing is complicated and essential work for the health and safety of the household. That’s why the majority of states require licensing, including Oklahoma. When you’re looking for a plumber, keep in mind that they can also register as an apprentice under a licensed contractor, so if you’ve got a more complicated problem, you may want to make sure the plumber you hire is experienced enough to handle the job. You can verify your plumber’s license with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.

2. What is considered a plumbing emergency?

Many different plumbing problems are considered an emergency, but they are typically issues that could cause property damage due to flooding or the risk of flooding.

These include:

  • Burst pipes
  • Leaky pipes or fixtures
  • Frozen pipes
  • Blocked drain
  • Sewage back up
  • No functioning toilet on the property

3. Can I fix my own plumbing problems in Oklahoma?

This can vary from city to city, but you’d have to get a permit to do any major plumbing repairs for places like Oklahoma City (OKC). The city and state require plumbers to be licensed, and OKC requires plumbers to register their license with the city. Without the proper permit, you could end up with a fine.

4. What questions should I ask a plumber before I hire them?

This can vary based on the type of problem you’re having and how fast you need a plumber to come out and do the repair. However, there are a few basic questions you’ll want to ask ahead of time. These are:

  • Are you certified?
  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can I have a written estimate with a total cost breakdown?
  • Does this estimate include everything?
  • Do you offer flat rates or hourly fees?
  • Do you offer any discounts?
  • What are my payment options?
  • When can you start?
  • How long will the job take (approximately)?
  • Who is responsible for cleanup?
  • Do you have references?
  • Do you offer a written guarantee?

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