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Indoor Home Services

For projects big or small, Home Service Stars is here to help.

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Projects big or small can benefit from the expertise of an indoor home services provider. If you’re ready to begin a massive home renovation project or simply require seasonal home upkeep, our pros are dedicated to delivering top quality service. 

Home Upgrades

  • Enlist the help of a General Contractor who can oversee your home project from start to finish, and supply the labor and equipment needed
  • Find the exact flooring to match your home style and needs
  • Upgrade your electrical wiring to make room for an in-law suite or remodel project
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency with better windows and air systems
Home Service Stars - Indoor Home Upgrades
Home Service Stars - Indoor Home Upkeep

Home Upkeep

  • Arrange a carpet cleaning service or home cleaners to spruce up your home
  • De-clutter your home when you get set up with a self storage unit
  • Repair windows and appliances you’ve been putting off before they take a turn for the worse

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