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Living a simple and clutter-free life is liberating and intriguing. Having a few belongings can be beneficial for a number of reasons including: the time is takes to clean and organize is reduced, and you will have more space for meaningful possessions.

However, de-cluttering a home can cause one to feel overwhelmed and defeated because they aren’t too sure where to start. The process of de-cluttering doesn’t have to be painful if you use these key tips…

Make Rules and Goals

Create rules and goals to guide your through the process of living a clutter-free life. These rules and goals will provide reasons to de-clutter. For example, you might decide to give away last seasons clothes as a new season comes. Another reason could be to donate items you haven’t used in the past year. These examples don’t only help you de-clutter, but they allow you to make room for new items coming in.

Take Your Time De-Cluttering

All of your items weren’t acquired in one day, so there’s no need to get rid of them in one. Make it a habit to regularly go through your home and decide what is no longer useful. De-cluttering may be a tough job, but it can be rewarding and fun if you avoid stressful deadlines.

Take Breaks

Similarly, it’s advised to take a break if you are feeling overwhelmed or tired. Don’t push yourself or strain your muscles to become sick of de-cluttering and end up avoiding it in the future. Working in a relaxed mood will motivate you to get the job done.

Develop Creative Ways

De-cluttering can be fun if you create unique and creative ways to do it. There’s a number of ways you can make it fun. Try making challenges to motivate you like the 12-12-12 challenge where you donate 12 items, throw away or recycle 12 items, and to return 12 items to their suitable homes. You can do this every day, every week or every month.

Keep Your Items In Storage

There’s always a couple items you’re not ready to part with or you don’t need in your home. For example, you may have a lot of camping gear taking up your precious garage space. Most people are fair weather campers, meaning their gear won’t be taken out till the warmer months. For these items, it makes sense to put them in storage for 8-10 months when they aren’t in use.

There are a ton of different methods you can do to de-clutter your home and ensure it stays de-cluttered all year. Find a method that works for you and run with it!

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