Does Your Home Have Single-Pane Windows? It’s Time To Upgrade

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Do you live in a home installed with single-pane windows? How do you find life there? There are many advantages associated with triple and double-pane window homes that you could be missing out on. If your home is fixed with single-pane windows all over, then there is no better time to upgrade than now. Without taking you in circles, it is time to upgrade your windows due to the following vital reasons:

Single-Pane Windows Keep Heating Costs High

You may have discovered that you tend to spend too much of your hard-earned cash heating your house during extreme weather conditions. If this is the case, then you need to upgrade by installing triple or double-pane windows. They are insulating and therefore trap heat, thereby reducing heating bills. Unlike double or triple-pane windows, single pane lacks insulating glass that is able to trap heat. If you have single-pane windows, chances are that you may have to switch on the heating system regularly as hot air may not be trapped for long, making you and your family shiver.

They Are Not Good at Keeping Out Some Noise

If you live in a home installed with single-pane windows, you may have found out that outside noise easily affects the inside of your house. Having these windows is likely to result in a less peaceful surrounding. They could be to blame for trouble sleeping or concentrating because of car sounds, noisy neighbors or obnoxious birds. Again, to avoid such incidences, you can upgrade and have your home installed with either triple or double-pane windows that may ‘sieve’ some noise.

They Are Generally Unsafe

Unlike triple-pane or double-pane windows, single-pane windows are unsafe in most occasions. In the event that there is a burglar lurking around, he or she may find it easy accessing single-pane windows as opposed to triple or double-pane windows. If you need safety and comfort for yourself, your family, and your property, then it would be a good time to upgrade from single-pane windows.


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