How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

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With proper care the life of a carpet can be significantly extended. Vacuuming, spot cleaning and damage repair should be performed routinely. Whether using a trained professional or attempting carpet maintenance yourself, homeowners shouldn’t wait till a carpet is heavily soiled before beginning a regular maintenance schedule.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency

A lightly soiled carpet should be vacuumed once a week and spot-cleaned daily. If there is moderate to normal traffic it should be vacuumed up to twice a week and spot-cleaned daily. A heavily soiled carpet should be vacuumed between two and four times a week and spot-cleaned daily. If there is an extreme amount of traffic, it should be vacuumed daily and spot-cleaned daily.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleaners have much more powerful tools than the average person. Offering deep cleanings, lightly soiled carpets should be cleaned by a professional every one to two years. Normal and heavy trafficked carpets should be cleaned every six months to a year and ones that experience extreme conditions should be cleaned every two to three months.


Considering the occupants of a home or business is important when determining if professional cleaning is needed more frequently. If a household has pets, young children or smokers, it may be necessary to deep clean every few months. Allergies and respiratory issues can also be exacerbated by soiled carpets.

Stains and Spills

Damaging a carpet and contributing to the level of soil, stains and spills should be cleaned immediately. The padding can also be cleaned to avoid additional damage and odors. If stains happen frequently, stain resistant carpets and rugs can help reduce the damage caused by spills, stains and other accidents. For deep-set stains, professional cleaning is often necessary.


Regular vacuuming can do a lot for the wear, health and life of a carpet. Vacuuming removes dangerous particles, improves the appearance and prevents lint, dander and other common debris. Weekly vacuuming protects carpets and prevents unnecessary damage.

Carpet Owner vs. Professional Cleaning

Carpets in low-traffic areas, such as a living room or dining room require less cleaning and can be easily maintained by a homeowner. Carpets in heavily trafficked areas or carpets that are subject to extreme soiling require regular professional cleaning. Professional cleaning may also be necessary for indoor areas where occupants suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

Using high-powered tools, the main benefit of a professional carpet cleaning is the strength of the cleaning. Often restoring original color, appearance and texture of a carpet, professional cleaners use the best products and understand how to thoroughly remove soiling. Generally, all residential carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to maintain indoor air and environmental quality.

A mix of owner maintenance and professional cleaning services is the best approach to carpet care. From hot water extraction or deep vacuuming, trained technicians can assess the needs of a carpet and proceed with any necessary cleaning solutions and technologies. Removing stains, germs, trapped-in soil, allergens and other materials, carpets often appear new after a professional cleaning.

Ensuring a long-life for your carpets by paying attention to the traffic and soil experienced in your home or business. Consider the occupants and amount of damage, spills and stains that regularly occur. Perform regular vacuum cleaning and seek out a professional cleaner for a yearly deep cleaning. If carpets are subjected to a heavily trafficked area, respiratory-sensitive occupants or regular stains, contact a professional cleaning service for more frequent deep cleaning.


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