The Pros & Cons to Wood Fencing

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Wood fencing has been a favorite mode of fencing for most individuals due to its elegance and simplicity. The mode of wood fencing depends primarily on the design specification. Some wood fencing is basic and serves to secure the home while others add more appeal to the outside of your home. Similar to other fencing types, wood fencing has both it’s pros and cons.

Pros of Wood Fencing


Wood fencing is generally an affordable option for homeowners. However, additional factors can occasionally drive up the price including: design, length, width, and type of wood used. Despite these factors, wood fencing is considerably cheaper compared to alternative types of fencing.

Easy Installation

The simple installation of wood fencing allows unique shaping and arrange of wood planks easy. After settling on plank size and fence design, building a wood fence is easy and autonomous making it a simple do-it-yourself project.

Accessories and Decorations

The simple design of wood fencing provides space to easily add decorations and accessories. It’s easy to wind electrical wires and install lamps and security cameras in strategic positions. When compared to alternative fencing types, the wood fence provides a high level of agility.

Cons Associated with Wood Fencing

Similar to alternative fencing, wood fencing has some negative factors providing disadvantages and hazards to your home. When choosing a fence type, it’s important to look both at the positive and negative factors on your home.


Wood is a material prone to rotting making it difficult to maintain when exposed to a lot of moisture. The type of wood used influences the life span of the wood as some woods are more prone to rotting. Use of staining can help increase prevent rotting allowing the fence to survive longer.


Wood fence rotting can make it more prone to damage. Wood is firm, but will still experience immense damage if hit with blunt objects. In addition, damage suffered from termites can be repaired by replacing the damaged parts as well as contacting pest control experts.

Even with the negative aspects of wood fencing, this type of fence can be a great choice for homeowners looking to build or revamp their outside appeal.

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