When Do Windows on a Home Need to Be Replaced

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Owning a home requires home upgrades, and windows are no exception.

To replace a window you need a skilled technician to properly install the window insuring the seal is correct. In many cases, you won’t need a replacement, but rather a simple re-glaze or repair. So when do you know you need a replacement rather than a repair?

Water Leakage

If you spot small puddles of water collecting around the window area, it might be time to take a closer look. It could easily mean the gutter is detached or the drain pipes are broken. However, excessive infiltration of rainwater could mean the exterior window casing is shattered. This can easily be checked with a manual inspection of the outside area to figure out where the problem lies.

A cracked or shattered glass can be replaced without additional costs, but if the window panes or larger parts of the window’s exterior are damaged, you’re window should be replaced.


Many windows today have built-in insulated glass units (IGUs). When IGUs collect fog in the windows this can be indication of water seeping and condensing in between the glass spaces. Unlike older windows, IGUs are permanent and sealed meaning repairs are not possible.

Rotting Muntins and Mullions

The glass panes are normally separated by pieces of wood called muntins and mullions. If these pieces have been installed for aesthetic value only, they cannot affect the windows functionality. Thus they need not be replaced when damaged. Otherwise if they are rotting and splitting, they will need to be removed and the whole part redone. They should be scraped off completely, fresh putty applied and a new glazier point secured in place.

Closing Windows

A window that no longer opens, or the sashes stick, could be because of a poorly done paint job which sealed it shut or obstructed it from closing.

It could also be as a result of the foundation having shifted or most likely, a deteriorated frame quality.

Sometimes you may want to close the windows tight to prevent some cold draft seeping in, but to your frustration, find the window doesn’t completely shut. Window replacement may be the only solution for such cases.

Energy Bills

Faulty widows can set your energy bill higher by up to 25%, especially in winter where damaged or warped windows can lose a lot of heat. It’s therefore better to replace the windows early enough with energy-efficient ones and save on the heating and cooling bill.

Design Change

Windows are some of the most prominent features of a house. If an owner wants to improve the general house’s appearance, window designs may need to be changed. A larger style ensures the interior looks more comfortable and airflow improves. Larger windows increase the natural light intensity in the room, which brings greater aesthetic value and relaxed environments. According to research, a room with lots of natural light has numerous health benefits to the inhabitants. This is perhaps the most expensive reason for window replacement to be done.

There is great value and return in replacing windows. It may be costly but replacement will last you several more years, and you don’t have to worry about repair headaches for a long time. It saves you costs in the long run.


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