Common Types of Deadbolts

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Deadbolts are arguably the safest way to secure your house. It is no wonder that there are so many different types. They supplement the standard key-in-knob locks offering you more protection. Here is a list of the most common types.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts

The single cylinder is the most basic deadbolt. It is mounted inside the door with a twist knob also in the interior. The key cylinder is placed on the exterior.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Just like the single cylinder, the double cylinder deadbolt is mounted on the interior side of the door. It, however, does not have a twist knob. Both the interior and the exterior parts have a key cylinder. This means that it is not possible to open the door from either inside or outside without using a key. While that may be inconvenient, it offers more safety than the single cylinder deadbolt.

Keyless Deadbolts

As the name suggests, keyless deadbolts do not need a key to be opened. Instead, they use secret pin codes. The lock is mounted on the interior side of a door. The only difference from the other deadbolt is that it has a keypad and not a keyhole. It is convenient especially for those people who lose or misplace their keys often. It is wise to change the combination regularly to reduce the risks of someone else learning it.

Rim Deadbolts

The rim deadbolt automatically locks itself when you close the door. The lock is bolted in the interior of the door. A cylinder passes through the door making it possible to operate a key from the outside.

Digital Deadbolts

The digital deadbolt works just like the keyless deadbolt. However, it uses electric current or batteries to operate. Digital deadlocks can be in different styles including, biometric fingerprint-coded deadbolts, push button combination locks, and remote electronic signal locks. All of them are very safe.

Vertical Deadbolts

The vertical deadbolt has a lock bolted on the interior of the door. It is, however, placed on top of the door for increased security. It is safe and easy to install but can be a little unsightly. Most people embrace this type of deadbolt.


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