Dealing With Termites? Here’s What To Do

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Termites damage approximately 600,000 homes in the United States annually, with a cost of nearly $5 billion a year to remediate and control.

They are ravenous, with colonies decimating homes in mere months. Since they live within the wood, a colony may not be able to be detected – until it is too late and they have caused structural damage to the home’s foundation.

The most common species of termites is the Eastern subterranean termite, which typically lives in soil. Termites infest homes by entering via ground level. However, unchecked property allows termites to build mud tubes several feet above the ground level to reach the house. Thankfully with a bit of foresight and the help of a pest control professional, a termite infestation can be mitigated.

What Type of Damage do You Have to Look For?

Hollowed out wood. Termites excavate wood from the inside, leaving structures that may look solid from the outside, but are mostly hollow right under the surface. Tap exposed wood frames with a hammer and listen for a hollow sound. This is a sign of a severe infestation that has taken hold of the property.

Early signs – random piles of sand or pepper. Dry wood termite pellets resemble pieces of pepper or salt. These are typically the first signs of the presence of termites. Also, keep a lookout for wings left behind after swarms. To the naked eye, they look like fish scales on windowsills and room corners.

Dealing with Termites

Many homeowners use over-the-counter products to help kill a termite colony. Many of these products can be useful, especially if used when the early signs of a colony are apparent. Unfortunately, since termites are tunneling animals, you may never see them, or they may be difficult to detect. When an over-the-counter solution is no longer effective, that is when a pest control professional should be involved.

With the help of an urgent pest control professional, there is less exposure to pesticides and less cleanup. Instead of spending money on expensive chemicals that may not work in the first place, pest control is a one-time solution in keeping your home safe.


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