Fall Yard Clean Up

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Changing of seasons is most noticeable in the backyard. After reluctantly letting go of summer, it’s time to invest in a yard cleanup and give it some life for the tough season ahead. A proper yard preparation in autumn saves you the time and energy you would need when winter knocks. It also guarantees you a lush and green lawn during spring in addition to the comfort it brings to your home. So, what should you do to your fall yard to give it that excellent look throughout the year? Below are the top five must do’s.

Clean Out Debris

Clear out the fallen leaves, piles of branches, weed, and organic waste to keep away pests and rodents. Pay more attention to clearing rose beds as they can foster disease during winter. If you compost, add a layer to your soil to nurture it until the next planting season. Use a tarp for your cleanup for easier hauling. Do not forget to sweep your garden bed and flower beds. All these can be a lot of work, but you can do it in two or more days. Rent a dumpster to help you dispose off all the litter. Hauling branches, stumps bushes, and other bulky debris to dispose on your own can be quite challenging.

Clean Out the Gutters.

Your gutters collect a lot of leaves and debris that fall during summer. If the debris is not cleared, it can damage the gutters, redirect rainwater, which can harm your foundation among other effects. Give the gutters enough attention. Clear leaves and any debris out. If there is any blockage, use a small garden trowel to unblock and then rinse with a hose. It is recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year.


Aerating the yard is one thing that most people do not take seriously until its too late. Yard aeration breaks up the soil, which makes it easy for the water to be absorbed. It also makes it easy for the grass to draw in oxygen, water, and fertilizer during winter. You need a garden fork if your yard is small or a gas-powered aerator if it is large. You can rent a gas-powered aerator from your local hardware store. The gas-powered aerator automatically makes holes for you.

Apply Mulch to your Plants

Apply mulch to your shrubs, flowerbeds, plants and any of the trees in the yard. Mulch keeps the roots of your plants warmer during winter. It also helps control soil erosion during winter thaws. To apply the mulch, spread it around the roots.

Feed the lawn.

Winter is long and cold, which causes lots of harm to your yard. Fertilize your lawn to keep your yard alive in winter. Adding a fall lawn fertilizer rich in phosphorus will speed up the growth of the roots though the grass blades will be slower. The roots hence grow deeper, leaving many nutrients in the soil that will keep your lawn green in spring.


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