When and How to Drain Your Sprinklers

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When and how to drain sprinklers are some of the questions that people often ask about the sprinkler system in their homes. Some people have even developed various theories on why we have to drain our sprinklers and how we should do it.

When to Drain Your Sprinklers

The fact is that you should drain your sprinklers once the temperatures start to fall. The sprinkler system must be blown out using air compressor before the outdoor air dips below zero degrees which is known as the first hard freeze.

Failing to drain your sprinkler system at the right time can seem normal, but it can adversely affect the system in many ways. Some homeowners do not see the need to blow out their systems due to two major reasons:

i. The people around them are not draining their systems

ii. Their systems have never developed any problems

The fact that failing to take care of the system affects its lifespan. Do not turn off your system, hoping that it will drain out by itself. There is a likelihood that one part of the hose can form a dip, thus creating room for water to collect and freeze. Every time this blockage happens, it leaves an impact that may eventually destroy the sprinkler system.

How to Drain Your Sprinklers

It is important for homeowners to understand the type of drain valves they have in their sprinkler system before getting them drained. To get your sprinkler system drained:

You have to locate the manual drain valves for each zone valve. It is worth noting that water accumulates in the zone valves once you shut off the system. Afterward, close the main valve to the system to cut the water supply.
Open the manual drain valves or each zone in the sprinkler system for the purposes of draining water from the pipes as well as from the sprinkler heads. You should leave them open for a few days. The drain valves at the upstream of each zone should be opened to drain water from the main line.
Finally, before closing all the drain valves, homeowners should lift each sprinkler head to ensure that there no water left inside. This process might be hard for ordinary homeowners that is why it is important to always use professionals.

Benefits of Using Professionals to Drain Sprinkler System

They have the appropriate tools: The fact that you have an air compressor does not mean it is powerful enough to blow out your system. There is probability that some water can remain in the pipes.

The job is very risky: The air compressor can create flying debris which can lead to a serious eye injury. In this case, professionals know how to handle it safely. Professionals understand the nature of your system, and they can adjust the air compressor pressure as per the water pressure that your system consumes. Therefore, there will be no risk of damage of your sprinkler heads and pipes. Importantly, they use professional air compressors that ensures no water remains to freeze damage the sprinklers.

It ensures that the work is done correctly: Professionals serve more than one purpose since they have knowledge in matters irrigation. They do not just blow out your system, but they also review it, hence suggesting the necessary servicing required. Thus, using a professional to drain out your system has many benefits as opposed to doing it yourself.

Saves money: This can sound contrary to what common sense would suggest since hiring a professional is already an expense. What if you winterize the system by yourself and accidentally make a mistake? Honestly, this mistake will translate into an expense since you will have to get hundreds of dollars out of your pocket to fix the problem. Therefore, hiring a professional to do the work helps save you money.


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