Most Common Pests & How to Rid Your Home of Them

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Most homes occasionally run into issues with pests. While most of them are merely a nuisance, some pests may sting, bite or even transmit dangerous diseases. Some of them may also cause serious structural and device damage affecting the value of your home. Some require urgent pest control.

While it may seem easy to get a can of bug spray, this may not be the best way for you to deal with pests. Most homeowners are aware of the harmful effects of chemicals and are turning into less-toxic and safer solutions of protection. It is wise to protect your home against home pests as soon as you notice a few of them instead of letting it turn into a serious problem. Contacting an expert to help you fight against common pests is the best way to get rid of them.


Rats are home pests that multiply quickly and can do significant damage to your home appliances and furniture through their gnawing activities. They can contaminate your food and block the vents of your HVAC systems through their droppings leading to serious health issues and damage to your heating and cooling systems. The wastes of these common pests have been implicated as the main cause of asthma to children. Not only are rats destructive but they also known to cause fires after chewing electrical cables. You can use mouse traps and mouse poisons to get rid of rats from your home.


These are little creatures that love living in rubbish, dirty benches, food scraps and behind fridges and stoves. They can survive for a month without water and food. They thrive in all conditions and live in the arctic as well as in desert areas. You can get rid of cockroaches by using baking soda and sugar, lemon juice, bay leaves and lemon peels.


These are widely regarded as damaging pests types to have in your home. Termites which are sometimes known as white ants can cause extensive damage to your home structures if they are not inspected and treated by qualified termite control experts. Termites feed on wood 24 hours a day which means their infestation can turn into a major issue. Termites are known to be survivors and can easily damage your home structures since it is difficult to exterminate them without an expert. Your home is the biggest investment you have in your life, and there is a need to protect it. Therefore, consider working with a professional expert who will help you get rid of the termites.

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