Time to De-Clutter Your Storage Space

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If you are asked to name an area in your home that is most piled with junk, you would most probably point at the attic or crawl space. These rooms are designed primarily for storage, and with this in mind, there is no denying that it is tough to keep them organized. Most of the items stored there are things that you only use occasionally in the main house. It is, however, advisable that you check what goes in there because if you do not, the room ends up being a dump house.

Once you realize that your storage room is already in this state, it is time to de-clutter and organize it. How do you do so? Here are a few tips:

Sort and Get Rid of Junk

The first step towards an attic de-cluttering and organization is to sort all the items based on their condition and usability. The goal is to get rid of everything that does not seem to be of any use. Place the stuff into piles separating the ones that you intend to keep from those that you can resell, give away or throw into the dustbin. You may also sort the stored items as per season, person or any other category of your choice.

Now that you have cleaned up the piles, it is time to throw away all the items that are nothing but junk. Such things include broken items and those missing some parts and do not seem repairable. They could be clothes or shoes that do not fit you anymore or old kids’ toys that they no longer use.

Store Usable Items in Containers

You can either use boxes or clear containers to store all the stuff that you intend to keep. Boxes help in saving space and ensure that the room looks more organized. It is easier than putting the items all over each other. It is also a way of enhancing safety such that you can even walk in the room when it is dark and still not stumble on things. It also keeps pests away. Do not forget to cover the containers after labeling.

Use Labels

Labeling is one of the most overlooked steps in the organization, but it is the most important. You should label all the contents in the storage boxes. This ensures that things remain in the newly organized form, and whenever you want to get something, there is no need to clutter the whole space again. Labeling is easy. You can buy tapes and index cards for each box or do DIY to indicate what is contained in each container.

De-cluttering can be made easy with little creativity and organization. It is recommended that you do this twice a year or every time you realize that the room is getting full. A de-cluttered and organized storage room is the first step towards an organized home.

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