Types of Water Damage + How to Fix the Damage

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There are different types of water damage and the procedure for repair may not be the same. Once you have stopped the source of water and shut down electricity, you may not know how to proceed. It is important to act fast because the impact of damage continues to increase every passing minute. If you take too long, mold and mildew may start to grow. Regardless of the type of water damage, it is always a good idea to get the help of a professional water damage repair company. Here are the types of water damage and how to fix them.

Clean Water Damage

This water comes from clean sources such as faulty pipes and rain. It is possible to fix this kind of damage on your own but it is advisable to seek the help of a professional service. You need to get rid of carpets and any material that may have been affected. The next step is to remove all standing water and to dry the room.

Gray Water Damage

Gray water is not clean but it is also not dirty enough to pose immediate health risks. It could come from washing machines and clean toilets. Since the water is partially polluted, you need to take precaution when cleaning it out. Use latex gloves and shoe covers to get into the room and throw away items that have been damaged. Have a cleaning service do the cleaning and make sure they sanitize items that cannot be discarded.

Black Water Damage

This is water that can pose immediate health risks. It may include serious contaminants. Sources of black water include sewage or flooding from nearby water bodies such as rivers. The water is contaminated so you should not make any contact with it. Wear splash-proof goggles, gloves, a face mask, and rubber boots if you need to get into the affected area. Make sure that the cleaning is handled by a professional water damage restoration company and that they use the right equipment. The affected area will be sanitized and dried using special equipment before you can get back to using it.


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